Date of Birth : 1976
Location: Amsterdam

About Parra

Pieter Janssen was born in 1976 in the south of the Netherlands. Living with his father who is a traditional painter and sculptor, he grew up surrounded by colors, wood, weird looking pictures and rubenesque paintings.

Back in the day Parra used to be a professional skateboarder and was part of the famous “Fret Click” crew. After focusing on skateboarding, Parra started to focus on drawing which he also studied for a while. He moved to Amsterdam a couple of years later to do an internship where he learned the basic principles of illustrating and graphic design. Ever since Parra came to Amsterdam, he reinvented himself and made a huge amount of work in a short period of time. His humorous, illustrative, colorful, characteristic, hand drawn typographic signature style was found on a ton of print work, posters and flyers throughout the city of Amsterdam.
His first solo show in London got him signed on the London based agency Big Active, which generated many opportunities. Parra got the chance to work on big commercial projects next to his own projects. His work buzzed around the internet heavily while doing popular solo exhibitions in New York, LA, Milan, Paris and Berlin.

At the same time he kept making fame by illustrating and designing for a large number of different clients across the globe creating clothing, products, prints and publications all provided by his famous characteristics.

Parra his other main influence and hobby is music, he has been into all kinds of music since he was a kid and started skating.

This hobby also led to the creation of the well known Parra Soundsystem, the original crew exists out of Parra, Mr. Wix, Tom Trago, MC Lyrical Tie and Patta co-owner Gee and they are hosting parties all over Europe.

Next to spinning records, multi-talent Parra also creates his own music with his friends; Dutch lyricist P. Faberge from the experimental hip hop group “De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig” and producer Rimer London. Together they formed the group Le Le. The group is recognized for their authentic post new-wave sound combined with influences from different music styles and European languages. The group has gained worldwide attention with their videos, music and remixes and has hits such as “Breakfast” and “DiscoMonster”.

Solo Exhibitions

“I Like The T-shirt But I Will Get The Painting” – 2009 Pool Gallery, Berlin Germany

“The Disco of Italo” – 2009 Galleria Armocida, Milan Italy

“Is That A Gun My Friend” – 2009 HVW8 Gallery, LA

“Boo The Hoo” – 2008 Lazy Dog Gallery, Paris France

“Random Tits” – 2007 The Reed Space, NYC

“LA LA LA” – 2007 HVW8 Gallery, LA

“I Really Liked It But Could You Change The Colors & The Design” – 2006 Lazy Dog Gallery, Paris France

“Tits and Typo” – 2005 Kemistry Gallery, London UK

“Jobs I Did For Friends For Under £100″ – 2005 Kemistry Gallery, London UK