Geoff McFetridge

Graphic artist extraordinaire, Geoff McFetridge acquired his Master of Fine Arts degree for Graphic Design at the California Institute of the Arts in 1995.

Date of Birth: 1971
Location: Calgary, Canada

About Geoff McFetridge

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Geoff McFetridge was originally from Canada and moved to California to pursue his career in Graphic Design. Acquiring his MFA in 1995 from the California Institute of the Arts, McFetridge founded his own design studio in 1996 called “Champion Graphics” as well as being the Art Director for Grand Royal Magazine from 1995-1997. His first debut as an artist was in 1997 as a solo exhibition at George’s in Los Angeles. McFetridge’s exhibitions are world renowned – his art has been on display in exhibitions from Japan to Paris and is completely versatile with his style. McFetridge does not hinder himself from being limited just to graphic design, he has produced art work that consists of using textiles to even paintings.

McFetridge’s work has been recognized to be prestigious which awarded him the Distinction Design Award from the International Design Magazine in 2000 as well as the D&AD Award for his animated work in the ESPN Winter X-Games in 2001. McFetridge has established himself as a household brand when it comes to design and he is no stranger within the fashion world. Brands such as Stussy, Burton, Nike have all utilized the talent of McFetridge. Catering to both commercialized media as well as grassroots art, McFetridge can adapt to any style.

Further enhancing his career, McFetridge stepped into the film arena and contributed his graphic film work in “The Virgin Suicides” in 1999. This ultimately led him to working on numerous commercials and music videos for various brands and clients. The most notable and recent work of McFetridge in graphic film can be found in the 2009 release of Spike Jonze’s adaptation of “Where the Wild Things Are”. Jonze and McFetridge connected in 1998 and since the birth of the relationship, McFetridge has done a lot of work of work for Jonze. McFetridge and Champion Studio also designed the entire graphic package for the licensed products for “Where the Wild Things Are” which includes brands such as Lakai Shoes, Ugg Boots, Girl Skateboard and Urban Outfitters.


“Bury Me in the Sand” – 2008, San Francisco, CA

“In The Mind” – 2008, Seattle, WA

“Bend The Void” – 2007, Eindhoven, Netherlands

”That Line Rhymes” – 2006, Los Angeles, CA

“All Smiles Have Teeth” – 2005, London, UK

“The Mind Trip: There and Back” – 2004, Tokyo, Japan

“The Rock Machine” – 2001, Paris, France 
“A Way of Life” – 2001, Tokyo, Japan

“A Way of Life” – 2001, Los Angeles, CA

Special Projects

“It Looks Like A Smile” – Published by Nieves

“In the Mind” – Published by Nieves

“Obama Vote 2008” – Collaboration Apparel with Undefeated

Nike Vine Theatre Project

Reel 2006