Christian Hosoi

AKA: Holmes

Born: 5 October 1967
American Professional Skateboarder
Location: Huntington Beach, California

About Christian Hosoi

Christian started skating at the age of five, he became a professional skateboarder at the age of 13 and reaching legendary status, and turned pro by the age of 14. His fans nicknamed him “Christ”, he had his own pro model deck “Hammerhead” and was earning an income of $250000 per year. Christian is also known for bringing tricks such as Christ Air and Rocket Air to skateboarding. Hosoi along with Tony Hawk were the most popular skater for the better part of the 1980s. Hosoi emerged as one of the top competitors of vertical skating and was we known for his flair and graceful style. He developed an entourage with his rise to fame and was referred to as the rock and roll star of skateboarding. He formed his own skateboarding company in 1984 “Hosoi Skates”, first developed through Skull skates, then through NHS-INC.

In the rise to celebrity status and fame, Hosoi was known as the rock and roll star of skateboarding. Things changed for a generation of skateboarders in the late 80s when the focus of skateboarding shifted from vert to street styles. Hosoi’s career took a turn when the recession hit the US in the early 1990s, he faced bankruptcy and financial difficulty with a series of failed business adventures. In order to seek out a new source of satisfaction he turned to drugs. Hosoi began to get into trouble in 1995, at skateboarding’s first decline, a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to appear in court. To avoid arrest her also avoided the spotlight, he stopped attending competitions and demos. He was finally was captured at Honolulu airport for attempting to traffic crystal methamphetamine. He was charged and sentenced to 10 years, served 4 where he was let out on good behaviour and becoming a born again Christian, dedicating his life to becoming a good father and a positive influence on skateboarding. “Rising Son, the Legend of Christian Hosoi”, is a documentary about Hosoi’s llife released in 2006.

Contest History

Placed in top 5 in 1980 Van’s/Offshore Amateur State Finals
(California) in boys 11-13 division
1st in 1985 NSA Summer Series #5 (Vancouver, BC): pro vert
1st in 1985 NSA
2nd in 1986 Expo 86 (Vancouver, BC): vert
1st in 1987 Thrasher Savannah Slamma I, street
1st in 1988 Vision Skate Escape: vert
2nd in 1988 Ohio Skateout: street
1st in 1988 Ramp Riot Bells beach(Australia): vert
1st in 1988 Titus World Cup (Germany): vert
2nd in 1988 Titus World Cup (Germany): street
2nd in 1988 Vision Bluegrass Aggression Session: vert
1st in 1989 NSA Savannah Slamma III: Arena Street Style
2nd in 1989 NSA Gotcha Grind: vert
1st in 1989 Japan Slam Jam (Japan): vert
3rd in 1990 Disco in Frisco: street
3rd in 1990 NSA All Pro Mini Ramp Jam Hawaiian Style: mini ramp
1st in 2008 the 10th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest Grandmasters Event
1st in 2008 Etnies GVR Skull Bowl – Masters (Lake Forest, CA)
Overall Best ‘80s in 2008 The “All ‘80s All Day Vert Challenge”
the 1st annual Team event at the 2009 Ultimate Boarder.
2nd in 2009 Pro-tec Pool Party-Master’s division
TransWorld Legend Award 11th 2009
1st in 2009 the X Games 15 Skateboard Park Legends contest
2nd in 2009 the 11th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest Grandmasters Event