Dr Romanelli

American Designer: Darren Romanelli launched Dr Romanelle aka DRx

Founded: 2006
Founder: Darren Romanelli
Location: Los Angeles

About Dr Romanelli

Dr Romanelli is a surgeon of revamping and revitalizing. He is known for putting a fresh spin on classic brands and giving them a new energy. He approaches each new project as a hybrid and adds his own unique imprint.

Romanelli works with all levels of project development from inception to display to promotion. The idea behind his work is story telling. By providing his audience with a narrative context through his work, he gives products a new spin on its design and focuses on the marketing that goes into launching the product.

Work by Dr Romanelli

June 13th

Jose Parla collaboration

Surjury for Hurley

Black Sabbath Resurection

DRx/Looney Tunes

Nike Reconstruction Show

Rock Band Ima Robot

DRx/Reverso watch-jacket collaboration

DRx/Sophnet Collection


RED – “Band-aid” Chuck Taylor for Converse

Fraggle Rock

Fall Out Boy – “Fall Out Toy Works”

Hello Kitty – 35th Anniversary

Curated on exhibition of Glam Rock legend TREX