Founed by Jean Touitou in Paris in 1986, A.P.C was seen as a real change to the fashion world, Paris was known for its lavish maximal fashion, A.P.C was the opposite, minimal basics.

Founded: 1986
Founder: Jean Touitou
Location: Paris, France

About A.P.C

Tunisian born Jean Touitou founded A.P.C in 1986, Atelier de Production et de Création was created as a menswear label, but it was women who adopted the brand first. Unique in that it was downplayed in every way, the brand wasn’t named after its founder, instead given little branding and with no advertising, A.P.C. gained a cult following by which only those in the know would know. In its almost 25 years since, its cult following has merely grown, the brand has become a worldwide success but has kept its philosophy of little to no branding, and creating clothes essential to the wardrobe.